Mindfulness Meditation Practice Groups

Ever wonder what mindfulness and meditation are all about?   Or why people who begin to practice keep at it?

Mindfulness is both a quality of attention and a set of practices that cultivate this kind of attention.  Meditation is one of those practices.  There’s a wealth of ongoing research that documents the health and wellness benefits of a personal mindfulness practice, which teaches us to disentangle the realities of everyday life from our judgments about them.  Many benefits are cumulative and are believed to persist throughout the day.

Although meditation is like exercise for the mind, it’s not what you think.  And there’s no substitute for your own experience.  Join one of two ongoing secular mindfulness meditation groups in Lexington and discover the benefits for yourself personally.  Each weekly one-hr session will include practice and discussion of mindfulness and meditation as a way to discover how we relate to ourselves and each other; our experiences (thoughts, emotions, sensations) and our lives; and  how we can bring more awareness, kindness and wisdom into the ordinary moments of each day.

  • GROUP 1 meets 9:30-10:30 am on Tuesday mornings
  • GROUP 2 meets 12:00 -1:00 pm on Wednesday afternoons

Both groups open to new and to returning members beginning week of September 3, 2012.  No prior experience with mindfulness or meditation required.   Space limited to 15 per group.  Registration now open; pre-registration suggested. Cost is $96 per person for eight-week commitment ($12 per week).  To reserve space in either group, email maryann@growing-happiness.com



Facilitator Bio. Weekly practice groups are offered by Mary Ann Christie Burnside, Ed.D., developmental psychologist, mindfulness educator, author and founder of Lexington-based Hearts and Minds.  For more information about Mary Ann, click here.  For more information about mindfulness, readMindfulness Matters,” a monthly column Mary Ann wrote for Lexington Patch, our town’s online daily news service.